Guess Which Candidate Is Selling More Halloween Costumes

Posted: Oct 17, 2016 6:30 PM

Donald Trump is down in the polls, but he's up in the Halloween costume sales. According to party store owners in New York, Trump costumes are outselling Hillary Clinton masks at a 40-to-1 rate, and Clinton wigs aren't selling nearly as well as Trump wigs.

From the New York Post:

“He’s outselling Hillary by a landslide,” said Tony Bianchi, manager of Halloween Adventure in the East Village.

“It’s because he’s so iconic. He’s like the Kim Kardashian of politics,” Bianchi said. “Hillary is just a typical politician. She’s boring.”

The store’s mouth-agape Billionaire Tycoon latex mask for $29.99 is outselling Clinton faces 40 to 1, he said.

I mean, this makes sense. Trump is, at least in popular opinion, far easier to make fun of than Clinton. His personality is bigger and he's got more specific 'quirks' about him than Hillary does--between the hair, the hands, the tan, etc. Clinton has...a blonde shaggy bob and a penchant for pantsuits. Woo?

Although, one could argue, a Hillary costume is probably far scarier than a Trump costume.