There Were No Cases Of Zika At The Olympics

Posted: Sep 04, 2016 5:10 PM

Excellent news from the WHO: There were zero cases of the Zika virus reported at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio from any athletes, coaches, or spectators. The games lasted from August 5th through the 21st, and there were concerns that the mass influx of people into the area could spark an epidemic of the disease. Zika has been present in Brazil for about a year and has sickened thousands of people.

Fears of the Games being a Zika breeding ground appeared to be unfounded, and it looks as though the decision to keep the Games in Rio has been completely vindicated. Mosquito activity in August was reportedly very low in the country, and it's thought that the Paralympics will be equally as safe.

From the BBC:

At a news conference in Geneva, the head of the WHO's health emergency programme Peter Salama, said: "We don't have any confirmed cases of Zika amongst travellers or amongst indeed athletes."

And he said of the Paralympics, due to start on 7 September: "We are optimistic that the same risk assessment will hold and there will be little additional risks."

The WHO says Zika remains a global public health emergency.

Several golfers refused to travel to Rio, citing Zika concerns.

Stateside, there have been cases of Zika transmissions reported in parts of Miami. Although there have not been any Zika transmissions or infected mosquitos in Orlando, the area's theme parks have been offering free bug spray to help quell guest fears.