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Harambe The Gorilla Polling At Five Percent Against Clinton and Trump

Harambe, the gorilla that was shot and killed at a Cincinnati zoo earlier this year and has since turned into an internet phenomenon, is polling at five percent against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a new PPP poll.


Not bad for a deceased gorilla.

The poll shows Clinton leading Trump 48 to 43 percent. The majority of people surveyed said they did not have a favorable opinion of neither Trump nor Clinton, and perhaps understandably, weren't sure how they felt about Harambe.

Since Harambe's most untimely death in May, he has become one of the year's most popular (and darkly hilarious) memes. People have been creating over-the-top tributes to the dispatched gorilla, and some have taken to "mourning" Harambe at public events.

Although he's polling at five percent now, Harambe's chances for the general election don't look too great...considering that he's dead.

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