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Man Who Accused Whole Foods of Writing Slur On Cake Drops Lawsuit; Admits Hoax

In April, Austin pastor Jordan Brown accused Whole Foods of writing a homophobic slur on a cake. Brown is gay. Today, Brown dropped his lawsuit and admitted the whole thing was a hoax.


In a statement, Brown apologized to Whole Foods and admitted that they did "nothing wrong."

Today I am dismissing my lawsuit against Whole Foods Market. The company did nothing wrong. I was wrong to pursue this matter and use the media to perpetuate this story. I want to apologize to Whole Foods and its team members for questioning the company's commitment to its values, and especially the bakery associate who I understand was put in a terrible position because of my actions. I apologize to the LGBT community for diverting attention from real issues. I also want to apologize to my partner, my family, my church family, and my attorney.

Whole Foods also dropped their countersuit against Brown.

While I'm glad this all got sorted out and that nobody at Whole Foods is a bigot hell-bent on defacing cakes, this is still one really perplexing situation. How in the world did Brown think anyone with a half a brain would believe what he claimed? It didn't pass any sort of smell test.

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