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Americans Would Rather Have A Game Of Thrones Character As President Than Clinton, Trump

"Game of Thrones" is back on HBO tonight, and if one survey is correct, a lot of people wouldn't hate it if one of the characters was president of the United States. A new poll by SurveyMonkey shows that Americans would rather have Tyrion Lannister, a character on "Game of Thrones" played by Peter Dinklage, as president than either party's frontrunner.


A survey of 397 Game of Thrones fans showed that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) tied with Tyrion Lannister as the person that fans most wanted to be president of the United States. Hillary Clinton was in third, with 20 percent of the vote, and Daenerys Targaryen was fourth. The three remaining Republican candidates placed in fifth, sixth, and seventh.

While this is just a lighthearted poll, it's still somewhat concerning that over a third of people surveyed in a random poll would prefer a fictional character as president over someone who is actually running.

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