Nearly a Month Later, Missouri Primaries Called for Trump, Clinton

Posted: Apr 12, 2016 10:42 AM

Nearly a month after voting took place on March 15, the Missouri Republican primary has been called for Donald Trump, and the Democratic primary has been called for Hillary Clinton. Both Trump and Clinton won their respective primaries by razor-thin margins of less than 2,000 votes.

The results of the March 15 primaries were made official Tuesday. But the losing candidates still have seven days to request a recount.

Trump led Texas Sen. Ted Cruz by 1,965 votes out of more than 939,000 cast in the Republican primary.

Clinton led Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by 1,574 votes out of more than 629,000 cast in the Democratic primary.

Under Missouri law, candidates who lose by less than one-half of a percentage point can request a recount at state expense.

Both candidates have a week to request a recount, but Sen. Bernie Sanders said he isn't going to do so.

Trump gains an additional 12 delegates, and Sanders and Clinton split Missouri's 68 delegates evenly.