Wisconsin Final Results

Posted: Apr 06, 2016 12:51 AM

The residents of the Badger State have spoken, and it turns out the Democrats were feelin' the Bern and the Republicans trusTed Cruz. Both elections were called relatively early in the night, and neither result was too big of a shock as polling was mostly accurate. 

Here are the results and estimated delegate count, with all percent of precincts reporting:

Democratic Primary: 

1. Bernie Sanders: 56.5% (565,951 total votes; 45 delegates) 

2. Hillary Clinton: 43.2% (432,688 total votes; 31 delegates) 

Republican Primary:

1. Ted Cruz:  48.3% (529,768 total votes; 33 delegates)

2. Donald Trump: 35.1% (384,803 total votes; 3 delegates) 

3. John Kasich: 14.1% (154,468 total votes; 0 delegates) 

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