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So Apparently Sanders Won A Few Coin Tosses in Iowa, Too

After reports surfaced out of the Iowa caucuses that Hillary Clinton went six-for-six in coin tosses to decide delegates, many, including this reporter, raised their eyebrows as to how on earth someone could have such incredible luck. As it turns out, her luck wasn't so great after all: the initial reports of her six-for-six victories were incorrect, and Bernie Sanders actually won quite a few delegates via coin toss as well. According to the Washington Post, each candidate won about 50 percent of the coin tosses.


Here's a video showing Sanders winning a delegate in Hardin Township after a coin flip:

While it's somewhat comforting that Clinton isn't some kind of wizard with the ability to make statistical improbabilities turn in her favor, it is incredibly uncomfortable that both political parties place so much importance on the Iowa caucuses. The presidential nominating process should never be reduced to a coin flip. The caucus system is outdated and should be replaced.

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