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Democracy In Action: Hillary Wins Caucus Delegates Due to A Coin Flip

Heading into late Monday night, the Democratic Iowa caucus was still in a statistical dead heat, with no official winner declared yet. In at least two precincts, however, Hillary Clinton was able to snag two delegates due to coin flips that landed favorably.


Iowa caucus rules state that if a vote is tied, a coin flip can be used to determine the winner. In West Davenport and in Polk County, a tiebreaker was needed after an equal number of votes were cast for Bernie Sanders and Clinton.

Pretty spectacular that a former Secretary of State with an absurd amount of name recognition isn't able to pull out a win over an independent senator from Vermont, isn't it?

UPDATE: Apparently an additional four precincts were decided via coin flip (for a total of six), with Clinton winning them all.

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