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Nearly Half of Democrats Support Accepting Refugees from the Fictional Setting of Aladdin

A poll released last week shows that Democrats have some pretty strong feelings about the welfare of the citizens of Agrabah, the fictional setting of the movie Aladdin. The poll, conducted by WPA in response to PPP's now-infamous poll about bombing Agrabah, also showed that nearly two-thirds of Democrats under the age of 34 were supportive of taking refugees as well.


In a follow-up to an "Aladdin" poll released last week, WPA Research conducted one of its own, asking "Would you support or oppose allowing refugees from Agrabah to be re-settled in the United States?" referring to a made-up Arabian country featured in Disney's animated film "Aladdin."

Forty-four percent of Democrats said they would support allowing refugees into the country, while 27 percent opposed. The remaining 28 percent were "indifferent."

The poll results also explored what "Young Democrats," ages 18-34 and "a key constituency of President Obama, are especially eager to take in imaginary refugees" thought about the question.

Two-thirds said they supported allowing in refugees from Agrabah, while 22 percent opposed.

On the Republican side, 16 percent said they supported welcoming refugees to the U.S., while more than half, 54 percent, opposed.


While Agrabah is ruled by a dictator-like figure in the movie, I do not think the situation is so dire that there would be refugees trying to flee the area. Citizens of Arendelle, on the other hand, which is ruled by an emotionally unstable ice queen who had previously ushered in an eternal winter and nearly killed her younger sister as a child, may have a stronger case for refugee status. (I kid.)


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