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Active Shooter Near Planned Parenthood Location in Colorado UPDATE: Suspect Has Surrendered to Police

UPDATE TEN: Eleven people, including five police officers, have been transported to the hospital, per Lt. Catherine Buckley.

UPDATE NINE: CBS News is confirming that the suspect has surrendered to the police and is in custody. The standoff has ended.


UPDATE EIGHT: Per the police scanner, one suspect has reportedly surrendered and reportedly has been detained. Still waiting for official confirmation, and the building still has to be cleared.

UPDATE SEVEN: Per Lt. Catherine Buckley of the CSPD, there is one suspect, and his identity has not been confirmed. He brought several items with him in duffel bags inside and outside of the Planned Parenthood, and the scene is still considered to be "active." Civilians are being evacuated. The events started at the Planned Parenthood and it is "too soon" to determine a motive for the suspect. The total number of casualties is not known. The shooter is still firing on officers, and a fifth officer is possibly injured.

UPDATE SIX: KRDO is saying that four police officers and five civilians have been injured.

UPDATE FIVE: Civilians inside the Planned Parenthood are being rescued by the SWAT team. Reports suggest that several people so far have emerged from the clinic and are reportedly uninjured.


UPDATE FOUR: The shooter may not be contained.

UPDATE THREE: Witnesses are saying the shots were fired from Chase Bank, with the suspect then "ducking into" the Planned Parenthood as the police arrived.

Colorado Springs police say the shooter has "no connection" to Planned Parenthood.

UPDATE TWO: The Associated Press is reporting that three officers have been injured, but the shooter has been contained.

UPDATE: It appears that the shooting was "near" the Planned Parenthood location, not "inside." The shooter barricaded himself in the clinic after wounding a police officer outside of an eye care center.



Original post:

Details are rather sparse at the moment, but an active shooter has been reported at a Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Springs, Colo.

One police officer has reportedly been shot in the hand while another one has been hit. Per CBS, the shooter has barricaded himself inside the clinic.

This post will be updated as details emerge.

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