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Hillary Clinton Asks College Grads to Use Emojis to Describe Their Feelings on Student Loan Debt

Faced with plummeting poll and favorability ratings (plus the FBI seizing her server), Hillary Clinton's campaign is trying out a hip new way to promote her student debt plan to recent college grads: emojis.


First of all, the grammatically correct way of phrasing that tweet is "three emojis or fewer," but I digress.

The majority of responses have been what one would expect: angry faces, the skull, sad faces, and the "money flying away" symbol.

I contributed the following:

Like many people my age, I have a considerable* (but manageable) amount of student loan debt. This is my fault--I chose an expensive school over cheaper alternatives. I knew going in to college that I would be leaving school with loans that would need to be repaid--it's not like it was a surprise. So yeah, throwing money at my loans each month isn't exactly a happy fun time, but it's something that needs to be done. 


Student debt is a huge problem that's only going to get worse. There needs to be a real conversation about how to prevent the bubble from popping. Asking recent college graduates to reduce their feelings on a very serious topic to a series of pictures is not an appropriate way to have this conversation.

*For the record, about one-tenth of Hillary Clinton's honorarium to speak at a college would pay off the entirety of my student loan debt. But remember, she's just like us.

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