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British Left Handled Defeat Gracefully...Just Kidding They Had a Riot and Vandalized War Memorials

Following Thursday's unexpected massive Conservative victory in the United Kingdom's general election, with the Conservatives winning an outright majority for the first time since 1992, some citizens of the UK have been taking the news better than others. Today, riots and protests broke out outside of 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister's residence, demanding that the Tories be thrown out of office. The protest was spread online with the hashtag #ToriesOut.


(Warning: There is strong language in some of the following tweets.)

The Women of WWII Memorial was also defaced with an obscenity about the Conservatives.

Curiously enough, some were quick to defend the act of vandalizing a monument for women who sacrificed everything to defend freedom and democracy in a political protest against a democratically-elected government. (Let that irony sink in for a moment.)

Other protesters are suggesting that the electoral system used in the United Kingdom (first past the post) is unfair:


However, even if a proportional system were in play the Conservatives still would have had the most seats in Parliament. (If anything, UKIP should be the one complaining about the "unfairness" of first past the post.) Furthermore, when a person resides in a country that does not employ a two-party political system, a plurality should not come as a surprise.

It's quite odd that there's a "#ToriesOut" movement now as opposed to two days ago--you know, the actual date that the Tories conceivably could have been voted out. Clearly, the citizens of the United Kingdom did not want the Tories out as they elected them to a majority. While election losses can be tough to swallow at times, having a riot and defacing war memorials is not an appropriate response.

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