Email from Texas Liberal Group Mocks Greg Abbott's Disability

Posted: Oct 11, 2013 1:30 PM
Email from Texas Liberal Group Mocks Greg Abbott's Disability

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has been paralyzed from the waist down since he was 26, after he was hit by a falling tree while jogging. While he certainly has not let his disability hinder his political career, his opponents are apparently not above using it against him.

In an email from Battleground Texas, a group that seeks to assist Texas Democrats' return to relevancy in the state, a curious term was used:

From PJ Media:

Notice the text highlighted in red. There’s a problem with it. A big problem.


To quote Battleground Texas, “Great joke, right?”

Battleground Texas’ email highlights a couple of problems with the group. One, its non-Texas staff apparently does not know even basic facts about the state’s elected leaders. Two, in their their zeal to attack Texas’ leaders they have evidently become extremely insensitive.

The email, or rather the silence so far regarding the email, raises another question: Where are the Texas media on the story? Surely Christy Hoppe, the Texas Tribune and other political reporters and outlets covering the campaign are on the Battleground Texas email list and received the email above. It went out Thursday afternoon, so they have had time to write up pieces about it. But where are those stories?

While Wendy Davis certainly has an uphill battle to win the gubernatorial race, it looks as though groups like Battleground Texas will not be making things any easier.

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