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On Wednesday morning, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo falsely claimed on his official Twitter page that “no one” is calling for repealing the Second Amendment.

Cuomo made his comments in response to a Twitter user who argued that the “far right want abortion stopped and [the] far left want guns banned and [the] 2nd amendment repealed.” The user also called for journalists to put aside their political biases and “do their jobs.”

Cuomo was severely triggered by the user’s tweet, replying:

A horde of blue checkmarks and small accounts alike immediately joined forces to take Cuomo to task for his blatant lie, citing dozens of examples of gun control advocates pushing for a repeal of the Second Amendment. 

Many pointed to former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’s Tuesday op-ed for the New York Times, which was simply titled “John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment,” but other examples were brought up as well:

Instead of apologizing for spreading easily disprovable falsehoods, Cuomo doubled down. In response to multiple users who mocked him, the CNN anchor began to shift the goalposts and pretend that his detractors were trying to "scare" people with false claims about an imminent repeal of the Second Amendment:

Of course, Cuomo's original claim was not that a repeal of the Second Amendment was unlikely (which it is, at least for now), but that "no one" was calling for it, which is patently untrue.

So much for "Facts First."

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