The Chris and Katie Project: Episode 2

Posted: Apr 20, 2011 3:23 PM
What's that? We didn't get banned from the studio after the first episode? Nice.

Episode 2 of "The Chris & Katie Project" is now live.

In this show, we discuss:
*Left-wingers applauding the call for guillotines at Republican headquarters
*Proof that liberals hate free speech
*Van Jones does not understand liberty or justice
*Al Sharpton, racist extraordinaire
*Lady Gaga is a pig
*Lefties shouting down a 14-year-old girl at Tea Party rally
*The flood of white racists plaguing our nation
*Union thugs screaming at a GOP congressman and preventing him from speaking -- at the congressman's own press conference
*The New Black Panthers are at it again -- this time they're launching a day of rage in 60 cities
*Communists (and liberals) will never understand what makes the United States so special
*And so much more
Remember, we'll work harder. All we ask is that you listen harder.