What Should Republicans Do Now? From Michele Bachmann: 'Listen to the Tea Party'

Posted: Dec 07, 2010 9:41 AM
In an exclusive symposium for Townhall Magazine, "What Should Republicans Do Now?", some of the foremost movement leaders offer insight into what the newly empowered Republicans must work on to save America from the Obama agenda and the ever-growing power of the federal government.

The Nov. 2 GOP tidal wave will shift control of the U.S. House of Representatives to the party of Reagan, blunt the liberal Democratic Senate majority and could bring the Obama agenda to a screeching halt.

Now, the GOP needs to lead. What should their agenda be?

Townhall asked leading conservatives to offer advice to the new Republican majority on taxes, spending, illegal immigration, ObamaCare, social issues, the judiciary and the preservation of the Constitution.

Yesterday, we posted excerpts from Glenn Beck's essay, "Don't Screw This Up: Limit Your Own Power."

Today, we offer a portion of Rep. Michele Bachmann's advice to the new GOP majority: "Listen to the Tea Party":
Our nation has finally reached a crossroad where the new majority in Congress can begin to put our nation on the path to prosperity and economic freedom. Gone must be the era of reckless spending, takeovers, entitlement expansion and bailouts. Gone must be the snobbish and superior attitudes of those in Washington. Instead, it’s time to listen to you. It’s time to start restoring our nation to the limited form of government envisioned by our Founders in the Constitution.

Last month’s election results would have been drastically di! erent without the persistence and visibility of the tea party. Tea partiers worked tirelessly to have their voices heard. Election Day’s outcome showed their sentiment, but now work to hold Washington accountable is just getting started. …

… We can indeed reach limited government and fiscal responsibility if we simply do not deviate from the constraints handed down to us.

The tea party is a voice for the preservation of our republic, and this voice needs to continue to be echoed throughout Washington. Representatives will remember whom they work for if we are held accountable at every turn and if we do not forget to uphold the Constitution.
Tomorrow: Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese -- "Restore Constitutional Government"

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