Is There Such a Thing as a Conservative Democrat?

Posted: Jun 03, 2010 12:49 PM

In "The Myth of the Conservative Democrat" in the June issue of Townhall magazine, Washington Examiner online opinion editor and New York Times best-selling author David Freddoso writes that, considering the voting records of the so-called "Blue Dogs," it's fair to assume that the breed is extinct.

Tea partiers should ask themselves, "Will my 'conservative' Democrat be the next Ben Nelson or Bart Stupak?"

There has been a history of betrayal from the Blue Dogs -- from social/life issues
"Not only are Democratic leaders hostile to the pro-life agenda, but the Democratic Party is also strewn with former pro-lifers who once gave voters every assurance of their concern for the unborn, only to place a knife i the movement's back, usually for sake of advancement within the party."
to to fiscal/budgetary issues
"Blue Dogs are often misleadingly referred to as fiscal conservatives. But when conservatives fret over deficits, they are usually concerned about government overspending. For Blue Dogs, the problem is that there isn't enough revenue. For most of them, higher taxes are a perfectly acceptable solution to high deficits."
-- and Dogs always cower to their leadership.
"Remember, every single conservative Democrat in the House voted for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker in January 2009. Considering the incredible powers that Democratic leaders apparently have over their flock and the aggressively liberal tone Pelosi has set in the last 17 legislative months, that might have been their most important vote of all."
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