Legally Armed Students 'Fishing' for Bad Guys

Posted: Oct 29, 2009 9:04 AM
From Seattle (video below):
A group of University Of Washington students are being called vigilantes after they armed themselves with handguns and tried to set up patrols on University Avenue and other areas around campus where students have been attacked over the past year.

Stanley Luong and Luis Garcia have armed themselves. Both are assault victims.

Luong says, "Some guy just broke down the window, reached in and unlocked the door and came in and robbed us."

Garcia says, "Four men jumped out of a car. They assaulted me and threw my girlfriend to the ground and they attempted to rob me. Two times I've been jumped. I said it's not going to happen a third time."

So both got a concealed license permit and bought handguns. Now they walk with pistols in their pockets...looking for the bad guys.

Luong says, "I don't know if it's illegal to walk around and be bait. I'm kind of fishing for robbers."

Garcia says, "I believe the police they come after the fact. They aren't there when the incident is occurring I believe this is just the fastest means of protecting oneself and those around you? and so I decided to take that measure and execute my second amendment to bear arms."

According to the UW Daily Newspaper, there have been ten assaults and robberies in the area in just the past two months.

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