Politico's Smith Doesn't Get It -- Launches Attack on Townhall Contributor

Posted: Sep 30, 2009 3:55 PM
Just got this from Townhall Magazine friend and contributor Matthew Vadum, who wrote the August investigative report on ACORN:

The mainstream media's death march continues.

Ben Smith of the Politico doesn't seem to understand that ACORN, SEIU, and the Working Families Party are the same entity. I explained this fact painstakingly in two profiles of ACORN last year: here and here.

Without even attempting to reach me he launched a vicious, false attack.

I don't particularly care what Mr. Smith thinks of me but he does reach a lot of readers with his ACORN misinformation.

He was responding to one of the most talked about stories of this week, my American Spectator article on Patrick Gaspard, President Obama's senior advisor who has a long history with ACORN. Just google Gaspard's name and you'll see it's been talked about by Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and many, many others.

Smith totally misses the point. Gaspard worked for ACORN and the facts prove it. It doesn't matter what Gaspard's title was while he worked there. ACORN officials constantly change titles, according to my ACORN sources -- and I have many, many of them, all across America feeding me information. Gaspard goes way back with Bertha Lewis, ACORN's current chief organizer. It is beyond dispute.

(To see how angry the left is about the story, just visit the Media Matters for America website. Here's a choice blog post from left-wing hatchet man Eric Boehlert.)

Here is my original article.

Here is my response to the Politico.

If you want to try and poke holes in my story, go ahead: I won't take it personally. But if you understand what ACORN is really about you'll see I'm right. I've been studying this group intensively --some would say obsessively-- for the last year. I've written so many articles on ACORN, given so many media interviews on ACORN, that I've lost count.

Thanks everyone, and please bear in mind there is MUCH MORE coming soon on ACORN. The group is far from dead. Wounded, yes, but not mortally.