'Execute' Global Warming Skeptics?

Posted: Jun 03, 2009 10:20 AM
From Marc Morano's Climate Depot:
A public appeal has been issued by an influential U.S. website asking: “At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers.” The appeal appeared on Talking Points Memo, an often cited website that helps set the agenda for the political Left in the U.S. The anonymous posting, dated June 2, 2009, referred to dissenters of man-made global warming fears as “greedy bastards” who use “bogus science or the lowest scientists in the gene pool” to “distort data.”

The Talking Points Memo article continues: “So when the right wing f*cktards have caused it to be too late to fix the problem, and we start seeing the devastating consequences and we start seeing end of the World type events - how will we punish those responsible. It will be too late. So shouldn't we start punishing them now?"
Read the whole posting, which includes the entire Talking Points Memo article (which TPM has now pulled), plus more on attempts to silence "global warming deniers" -- from NASA's James Hansen (accused "deniers" of "high crimes against humanity") to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ("This is treason. We need to start treating [skeptics] as traitors.") to Grist magazine ("Nuremberg-style trials for skeptics"), plus many more.