Olbermann Hammers on Ethnicity While Excoriating Others for Bringing up Ethinicity in Rebuttal

Posted: May 29, 2009 10:11 AM
In introducing his argument against Sotomayor's opponents who would dare to bring up race when they argue against the nominee's own race arguments, Olbermann repeatedly points out that Sotomayor is "hispanic" or "latina."

The race issue in the Sotomayor debate was not brought up by the Right--it was brought up by the Left and their unending focus on race/identity politics: Obama telegraphed to the world that he wanted to name a minority (especially a hispanic) and a woman to the court, because he believed the empathy they would bring to the High Court was necessary; and the nominee herself made race an issue when she degraded the judicial capacity of white males compared to latina women.