Is 858,000 the Real ObamaCare Number?

Posted: Apr 02, 2014 9:47 AM

Yesterday was full of ObamaCare triumphalism, with The White House claiming that fully 7 million people -- maybe more! -- had signed up for ObamaCare.

Now, of course, it's hard to believe that the President would ever mislead the country about his signature initiative, but a report in the UK's Daily Telegraph (once again, doing the job the American press has apparently declined to do) suggests that the truth is quite different.

An undisclosed study by the well-respected RAND Corp (which has reportedly been seen only at The Los Angeles Times) reveals that only 23% of new ObamaCare "clients" had no insurance before enrolling. What's more, only 53% of that cohort has reportedly paid their first month's premium (i.e., formally entered the program) -- that's like putting an online store item in your "basket" but not paying for it.

If those figures are accurate, the President and his party have succeeded in disrupting the health care system -- with which 80% of Americans were satisfied -- for a grand total of 858,298 people.

Kudos, Democrats.