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Lois Lerner Talks to DOJ

Lois Lerner has answered questions for the DOJ investigation into the IRS targeting scandal, but continues to invoke her Fifth Amendment rights before the congressional committee.

It's an interesting decision, albeit not without precedent. Either Lerner feels that the committee is doing nothing but setting "perjury traps" for her, or else she's assured that the DOJ "investigation" is little more than an exercise in making the scandal disappear, and thus is helping the department craft a narrative designed to do just that. Or both.

There are, of course, a number of good reasons for objective observers to suspect that Lerner's motives are less than pure:

(1) The DOJ investigation is being led by an Obama donor -- a highly unusual circumstance

(2) Attorney General Eric Holder himself has a checkered history when it comes to favoritism among non-profits.

(3) The FBI has already signaled that it won't file charges against anyone, even though none of the victims of the harassment have been interviewed.

(5) In short, the DOJ IRS investigation is a sham:

One suspects the cagey Ms. Lerner knows exactly what she is doing.

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