In 2012, IRS & DOJ Aided Pro-Obama Nonprofits

Posted: Sep 06, 2013 8:00 PM
In 2012, IRS & DOJ Aided Pro-Obama Nonprofits

The IRS outrages just continue.

During the 2012 election season -- when conservative groups were being targeted and GOP donors were being audited and just being a GOP donor meant heightened scrutiny from the IRS -- Obama-friendly nonprofits, including black churches and black nonprofits, were regaled with special advice from the agency on how far they could participate in politics campaigning for the President and other Democrats, according to Paul Sperry writing in IBD.

What's more, it wasn't just top officials at the IRS who were meeting, for example, with black churches -- it was also top officials at Eric Holder's Justice Department. (Feel more confident about the DOJ's claims it has the capacity to investigate IRS abuses fairly?)

In fact, two officials who would be responsible for decisions if any churches were subsequently investigated for tax fraud or misusing its nonprofit exemption status -- Attorney General Eric Holder and then-IRS commissioner Doug Shulman -- actually participated in briefings designed to help black churches support Obama.

If it's not already sickening enough at the fact that leaders of the people's government discriminated against some Americans based on their (conservative) viewpoint while actively aiding others because of theirs, there's this final fact:

Non-black clergy were not afforded the same legal training in campaigning tactics by the Obama administration.

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