Connecticut Democrats and the SEIU

Posted: Feb 26, 2014 7:44 PM

Connecticut's US senator, Richard Blumenthal, and a congress-person, Rosa DeLauro, have been subpoenaed in a case alleging that the SEIU's pressure tactics on nursing home managements during labor disputes amounted to unlawful extortion.

Neither politician has been accused of any wrongdoing, but unless a judge grants a delay, both will be forced to produce any documents in their possession pertaining to the SEIU.

Other Connecticut politicians will be subject to depositions, including Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, state Attorney General George Jepson, andConnecticut state senators John Fonfara and Russ Morin. All are Democrats.

Again, none of the politicians has been accused of any unlawful behavior. Even so, if the document requests and depositions go forward, Americans may learn a lot about the relationship between at least one state's politicians and a very powerful union.

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