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Sebelius Met Obama 18 Times in Run-Up to ObamaCare

In the wake of the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius insisted that the President had been "blindsided" by all the problems with his signature initiative.


What's odd, then, is the fact that Sebelius met with Obama at least 18 times between October 27, 2012 and October 6, 2013 -- and at least seven times specifically about ObamaCare. In all of this, the impending train-wreck was left decently unmentioned? Come on.

Perhaps the claim of the President's ignorance would be more convincing (1) he had fired Kathleen Sebelius (after all, how do you keep a Cabinet official who knew of such a monumental catastrophe and kept it from the President or was so incompetent she was completely unaware of it?); and (2) if his "I knew nothing" defense hadn't been overused so many times in the past, for example:

1. In the IRS scandal; and the

2. Fast & Furious gunrunning scheme; and the

3. Source of the Benghazi attacks; and the

4. Spying on Angela Merkel; and the

5. Petraeus investigation; and the

6. Seizing of reporters' phone records; and hte

7. Extent of NSA surveillance.

If the President knew, he is dishonest. If he didn't know, he's incompetent. Most likely, there's an element of both.

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