The Drumbeat of Benghazi

Posted: Oct 29, 2012 12:03 PM

No one welcomes a hurriciane, but the Obama campaign might just be happier to have the chance for their guy to play "comforter in chief" than their preemptive excuse-making suggests.

That's because the uncomfortable questions about Benghazi continue to grow with each passing day, making it harder for the in-the-tank MSM to avoid giving Americans critical information that would inform their votes next Tuesday.

As Bing West points out over at NRO, the President keeps saying that he "gave a directive" about "securing our personnel." Fair enough.  Let's see it . . . if it exists. 

Note that Mitt Romney is coming under fire from the MSM about an allegedly "misleading" ad. If I were he, after the hurricane, I'd announce a press avail to discuss -- and then tell the assembled media that I'm happy to take any questions they have, as soon as they demonstrate an equivalent level of interest in what actually happened at Benghazi.