When the Chips Are Down, Go for the Divorce Records, Part III

Posted: Oct 24, 2012 7:34 PM

So today we hear that after meeting privately with President Obama, Gloria Allred is pushing for divorce records in a case where Mitt Romney testified on behalf of one of the parties, and the partisan patsies at The Boston Globe are helping with the dirty work. 

It's funny how sealed divorce records keep coming up whenever Barack Obama is in a contested electoral race.

Part I - The first time it happened was in the Democratic primary for the US Senate in 2004. Oh so conveniently, the public become aware of controversial allegations against Blair Hull -- the man who was on track to beat Obama in the primary.  As well-known writer Carol Felsenthal summarizes it in Chicago Magazine,

At the time of the [episode], Obama was running way behind Blair Hull, where he would have remained had the press not gotten hold of Hull’s messy divorce records. 

As luck would have it—and it was luck—Obama won the nomination and he was about to become, as he himself put it, “a rock star.” 

Let's not fool ourselves that Barack Obama stood apart from it all. As the Chicago Tribune reported at the time, 

[Obama's] campaign worked aggressively behind the scenes to fuel controversy about Hull's filings.

Part II - After Hull was forced out of the race, Obama won the nomination to take on Republican Jack Ryan. But -- can you believe it? -- the Chicago Tribune and a Chicago radio station sought to have his divorce records unsealed.  (Guess they played the part now being filled by the Boston Globe). And soon, Ryan was out of the race, leaving the field essentially clear for State Senator Barack Obama to glide to victory. 

Are we witnessing the third chapter in the same sordid, Alinskyite Obama story? When the chips get down, go for sealed divorce records?

As John Nolte at Breitbart reports, Allred's "client" comes across as quite the nutter anti-Mormon bigot. And Romney's testimony has only to do with the value of Staples stock that was being allocated between the parties.  It's a desperate attempt to try to make something out of nothing. But it's pretty disgusting . . . and it certainly fits a long-standing pattern of behavior when an election looks challenging for Obama.

And will the Obama campaign step in to restrain Allred -- just as the Romney campaign refused to be party to any scurrilous stories about the President using or dealing cocaine? Don't count on it.