Meeting Mitt Romney

Carol Platt Liebau
Posted: Aug 10, 2012 12:53 PM
The appallingly dishonest Obama campaign would like you to believe that he deliberately wanted Joe Soptic's wife to get cancer -- but less publicized news stories paint a very different picture of Mitt Romney.

Then, of course, there is the account -- so nearly unbelievable as to have been (wrongly) denounced as an urban legend -- of how Romney closed down Bain Capital and flew 30 workers to New York to help find a colleague's missing daughter.

With two remarkable tales of good deeds in his past, chances are that there are more.  As Jim Geraghty has noted, there is already plenty in Romney's history that makes him both human and likable.  The job of those putting together the Republican National Convention is to find a way to assemble a narrative that will introduce Mitt Romney properly to the American electorate.

How about a sort of "This is Your Life" type element -- "surprising" the candidate by featuring people who have been touched by Mitt Romney's generosity, that perhaps not even Romney himself remembers or expects?  I suspect this kind of feature would appeal to women, in particular . . . (In fact, you could argue that the success of shows like "Undercover Boss" suggests that Americans hardly resent rich, powerful guys -- as long as they are good rich powerful, guys.)

If convention planners do their job right, at the convention's end, a significant number of Americans will be contrasting Romney's personal history of service to others to Obama's obsession with taxing and regulating everyone so that he can "do good" on the taxpayer dime.