Holder's Second Grab at Executive Privilege?

Posted: Jun 22, 2012 8:03 PM
During his confirmation hearings to become Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder stated that he wasn't authorized to talk about his role in the pardoning of Puerto Rican terrorists in the waning days of Bill Clinton's term -- despite the fact that Clinton had waived executive privilege pertaining to the pardons.

Given that Clinton had waived all executive privilege claims, either Holder was not being truthful when he refused to discuss his role in the pardons -- or President Obama did, indeed, make a claim of executive privilege to protect Holder . . . contrary to Jay Carney's assertions that this go-round with the privilege is the Obama White House's first.

Look, any time that isn't spent discussing the abysmal state of the American economy is, in a sense, time wasted for Republicans in terms of the election.  But Holder's record is so appalling -- and The White House's claims of executive privilege so specious -- that they simply can't go unchallenged.