Democrats and Dictators

Posted: Sep 15, 2011 4:23 PM
In a , James Carville advises him to: Panic; fire someone (a great way to highlight his mistakes and inexperience in hiring them initially); indict Wall Street financiers (great way to emphasize his anti-business credentials!)  and turn hard left (again, great in a country that seems to be trending conservative).

But what's most interesting is the way Carville illustrates his point about firings.  He writes: "For precedent, see Russian Army 64th at Stalingrad" (before going on to demean the tea party with predictable crassness).  Setting aside the fact that Stalin was actually "firing" Lenin's people -- not his own -- one has to wonder: What is it with Democratic operatives and their admiration of totalitarian communist dictators?

Carville's admiring invocation of Josef Stalin reminded me of nothing so much as former White House communications director Anita Dunn's glowing reference to Mao Zedong as one of her favorite political philosophers.  

What is it with some of the American left and their reverence for totalitarian communist mass murderers?