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The Party of Spend and Tax -- to the 10th Power

Apparently, Operation Fast and Furious doesn't exercise them.  Nor does it seem to bother them that the President tends to ignore the laws he disfavors, from the War Powers Act to the Commerce Clause

So what's the one thing that really, really makes the Democrats crazy angry?  The prospect of not getting to raise taxes on Americans in the middle of a recession: According to Senator Barbara Mikulski, Democrats are feeling "volcanic" about the prospect of a debt ceiling deal that doesn't include raising taxes.

The Democrats used to be known as the party of "tax and spend."  Given the gigantic hole that the "stimulus" and ObamaCare has blown in the country's finances and their rage at the prospect of it being addressed without additional taxes, the Democrats have now earned the title of the "spend and tax" party -- to the 10th power.

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