One Remedy Left for House Dems: Expulsion

Posted: Jun 13, 2011 12:41 PM
Obviously afraid of angering its no-standards constituency on the left, The White House crowd has taken an even more liberal (or is that libertine?) position than Nancy Pelosi and the chairman of the DNC -- declining to support Anthony Weiner's resignation.

By refusing to pressure Weiner to resign, The White House avoids angering the left flank, but does throw congressional Democrats -- who have the most to lose by Weiner's escapades (aside from the young women who actually had to look at the photos!) -- to the wolves.

But Democrats have an arrow left in their quiver: If they in fact do strongly object to Anthony Weiner sexting with young girls, sending unsolicited (and solicited) photos of his private parts, lying (and trying to conscript others to lie for him) about it, maliciously and knowingly blaming a political adversary for his own misdeeds, and using the House gym as a photo backdrop for his sleazy snaps, they can expel him.

Wonder what they'll do?