Hurting Their Own "Cause"

Posted: Feb 18, 2011 4:38 PM
A high-ranking aide to Nancy Pelosi has speculated that a government shut-down is more likely than not.

No doubt the wish is father to the thought -- at least in part.  It's clear that Democrats are PRAYING for a government shut-down, assuming that they will be able to blame Republicans for it to their political advantage, as President Clinton did in 1995.

But they'd better be careful what they hope for.  

Above all, it strikes me that the public employee protests in Wisconsin -- enabled by the DNC and aided by the likes of Jesse Jackson -- are doing nothing to further the Democrats' cause.  The country is hurting, states are drowning in red ink, people can't find work, and we're all supposed to be indignant that Wisconsin teachers many of whom are collecting more than $100,000 per year) are being asked to contribute a bit more to their own health care and pensions?  Are you KIDDING?

And then, to avoid a vote on the tough choices, WIsconsin Democrats flee the state . . .

With examples like that in front of them, it's not likely regular Americans will be looking to cast blame at Republicans even if a shut-down does come to pass.  After all, who's shutting down the government -- and the schools -- in Wisconsin?

Rather, they will see this conflict for what it is: A struggle between regular taxpayers and a BIG special interest -- the public employee unions -- whose money and support (subsidized, again, by taxpayers) is crucial to the Democrats.