Posted: Oct 07, 2010 12:23 PM

Gallup has found that unemployment, without seasonal adjustment, rose last month to 10.1%, sharply increasing from 8.9% in July and 9.3% in August.  The pollster also noted that because the increase came in the second half of the month, it's unlikely to be included in the report being released tomorrow.

Obviously, the trend lines are all in the wrong direction.

Just for purposes of contrast, as Karl Rove pointed out earlier this week:

The month that Barack Obama excoriated George W.  Bush's "jobless recovery" (March 2004), about 334,000 new jobs were created (none of them including temporary Census jobs) and unemployment was 5.8%. 

Nancy Pelosi also criticized the supposed lack of jobs, back in October 2003.  That month, unemployment was at 6% and 203,000 new jobs were created.

Every Republican in America should be pointing out that they had their chance.  They've blown it.  America won't get back to work until Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are out of work.

On September 27 of this year, the President insisted that America was not in a jobless recovery.  He's right.  America isn't in recovery at all.