Americans, You're Not Alone

Posted: Aug 06, 2010 4:34 PM
Even as President Obama's approval ratings have slid precipitiously among the American electoriate, they've likewise tanked in the Middle East.

But hey, wait a minute -- didn't he promise that just as soon as President George W. Bush was replaced by a shining light like him, America would be "respected" again in the world?  NB: Perhaps what Arabs disfavor(ed) isn't a particular president, but rather America's policies -- and Obama has continued many of Bush's, simply because they are necessary to safeguard American interests.

During his campaign, was the President so naive that he didn't realize all of this, or so cynical that he didn't care?  Who knows? What's apparent is that he's going to continue trying to shift blame to Bush for everything.  Now that's cynical.

But I guess that when all you've got is a campaign hammer, everything looks like a nail.