Steele-ing the GOP's Chances

Posted: Jul 03, 2010 1:48 PM
Michael Steele's remarks are indefensible, do not represent the mainstream of the GOP, and merit his resignation.  As with his other prior gaffes, they show him to be profoundly at odds with the party he is supposed to be leading.  What's more, there's nothing about Steele that promotes confidence in the GOP and its ability to confront the problems currently facing America.

To the extent that Steele is the party's spokesman, that's a problem.  There are Americans who, in the runup to the midterms, are taking a careful look at the GOP, and deciding whether it's for them -- or whether they really need a new party to be truly and broadly representative of their views. 

If the GOP is serious about regaining its political footing, and avoiding the divisiveness, trouble and ultimate disorganization that results from the existence of multiple political parties, it needs to get some intelligent, interesting faces out front, and fast.

Little is heard these days from Mitch McConnell, and some of what is heard about John Boehner inspires little confidence.

Let's hope fresh, smart people like Paul Ryan are encouraged to step up to become "new faces" of the GOP.  Right now, people like Boehner and Steele aren't getting the job done.

Worse yet, Michael Steele is actually, actively discrediting the party.

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