Sometimes, More Is More

Posted: Mar 28, 2010 5:15 PM
The New York Post today reports on an unfortunate trend this spring: Teen girls are seeking prom dresses that look more appropriate for the stage at a stripper bar than a formal high-school dance.

As disturbing as the trend is, it's even more distressing to realize that young women may not realize why those who care about them -- from their parents to school officials to people like me -- are advising them to choose dresses that are elegant, alluring and leave at least something to the imagination.

The problem with these skanky dresses?  It turns young girls into nothing more than pieces of meat, to be ogled by their dates or anyone else.  It leaves no room for them to be appreciated for their character, or intellect, or their beauty.  Only for their body parts.

Wanna be objectified, girls?  Go for one of these trashy dresses.  But realize that there are plenty of adults out there -- me, included -- who believe that each one of you has the right to be appreciated for something more meaningful and lasting than the sum of your nearly-exposed body parts.

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