Political Correctness over Protection

Posted: Nov 13, 2009 3:27 PM
What a difference eight years makes.  With the Obama administration's decision to bring 9/11 conspirators to American soil and try them in civilian courts, it sends a signal that it considers their actions on a par with, say, bank robbery.

It also requires those who would sit on the terrorists' jury to take a big risk.  Will they be safe?  Will the trial's venue make New York the focus of other terrorist attacks?

If the 9/11 hijackers are entitled to a trial in US civilian courts -- with, presumably, the full panoply of constitutional protections -- is there anyone who isn't?  Wouldn't Adolf Hitler belong there, as well?

And what will happen if they claim that dissemination of classified information is necessary for their defense?  If the judge happens to agree with them -- but also realizes that the information is too sensitive to be revealed -- does the US face a choice between dismissing the case or telling state secrets far and wide?

If anyone ever needed proof that the Obama administration doesn't take the war on terror seriously, here it is.  Proof positive.

As my old boss, Senator Kit Bond, put it:

The Obama Justice Department has prioritized political correctness over protecting the citizens of this country.”