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Holder's Politicized Justice Department

Remember the left's screaming about the Justice Department that had supposedly  become so "politicized" under Alberto Gonzales?

Please.  Gonzales had nothing -- and I mean
nothing -- on Eric Holder.

AP is reporting that the corruption investigation of Obama ally Bill Richardson has been "killed" by top Justice Department officials.

Add that to the growing list of Holder's other political moves, including:

(1)  Opinion-shopping to secure a politically "favorable" legal analysis of the constitutionality of DC voting rights;

(2) Dismissing the Black Panther voter intimidation case, overruling career attorneys in order to do so;

(3) Hiring manifestly unqualified (but politically loyal) -- or hyper-partisan -- officials to significant posts in the Department;

(4) Launching an investigation of the CIA.

No doubt President Obama knew what he was getting; Holder previously had been involved in the Marc Rich pardon and the pardon of Puerto Rican terrorists during his tenure at the Clinton Justice Department.

Given his record and his past, it's hardly a surprise that Holder is offering Richardson a pass.  Richardson has been an Obama supporter, after all.

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