That's One Expensive Employee!

Posted: Jul 20, 2009 4:07 PM
Here's a "joke" that isn't very funny:

Q:  How do you make sure that American small businesses remain small?

A: Pass Obamacare!

That's because under Obamacare, companies with fewer than 25 people would be exempt from the requirement either to provide health insurance or face a government fine.  And that also means that the cost of hiring the 25th employee would be prohibitive for many small businesses, whose owners will decide it's easier not to bother hiring anyone else.  Not a problem, of course -- unless you're the one looking for a job in a tough economy.

If the Democrats really care about health care reform that would help Americans rather than empower the government, they'd try to de-link health insurance from employment -- and make sure that each American had a portable health care account of which s/he was the owner, with full power of control.

But when you're talking about a President and party that's all about "power to the government" rather than "power to the people," what else can you expect?
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