Democrats Vote for Higher Taxes and Energy Prices

Posted: Jun 26, 2009 3:00 PM
With the passage of a key test vote, House Democrats have effectively announced that they're firmly on the side of higher taxes and higher energy costs for the American people

During the campaign, the President stood in support of an energy plan that would "bankrupt" the coal industry.    He likewise admitted that his energy plan would "make electricity prices skyrocket."  Apparently, there are some campaign pledges -- besides closing Guantanamo -- that he intends to keep.

It's remarkable that a party that has long sought to identify itself with the "working person" would vote for legislation that will result in higher energy prices, higher taxes and lost jobs for regular people.  In the middle of a recession that's showing no signs of abating, no less (according to erstwhile Obama supporter Warren Buffett).

Keep in mind that the biggest polluters -- China and India -- are taking no similar steps to reduce their productivity or drive up their business' costs.  In short, the Democrats are asking American industry to fight with one hand tied behind its back.   If this legislation passes, Obama's union friends should be prepared to see lots of their members' jobs heading over there.

For Obama and the Democrats, it's a very simple question: Do they stand with the environmentalist zealots who believe in "green" legislation at any price, or do they stand with regular people who are being asked to shoulder the burden of placating them?

With this vote, the answer is disturbingly clear.

Now, the debate shifts to the Senate -- which, hopefully, will show a little more concern for Americans' pocketbooks, jobs and national competitiveness.
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