The Ramifications of ObamaCare

Posted: Jun 07, 2009 3:56 PM
According to Rasmussen, more Americans would rather see the deficit cut than have health care "reform."  What voters need to understand is that with ObamaCare, the government will, in essence, be taking over the health care system, much as it has taken over GM.  And that never bodes well for the public purse.

In December of '08, only 25% of Americans said they would favor a plan that would require them to switch their existing insurance, according to Rasmussen.  But of course -- whether the Democrats admit it or not -- that would be the logical result of the Obama plan.

When are we going to start seeing some push-back from Hill Republicans?

Or even a few simple demands for fact-based accountability?  As Virginia Postrel points out, there's already a way to test the Obama administration's claims that "Nearly 30 percent of Medicare’s costs could be saved without adverse health consequences" -- try it out on Medicare before you force it on the rest of us!