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Tougher Than It Looks From the Outside

Contrary to its previous promises, the Obama Administration has reversed its pledge to end military tribunal trials for terrorists.

It seems the real world implications of trying terrorists in federal court -- for example, having to let someone like Khalid Sheikh Muhammed go free because he wasn't read his Miranda rights! -- is enough to sober even the naifs at The White House.

Remarkably (but perhaps not surprisingly), the linked Post account insists that the Obama tribunals will be new and improved . . . for example, offering detainees a greater choice of lawyers.

But what's remarkable is how far Obama has come from his campaign position that terrorists should have access either to American federal courts or military courts martial.    As with Guantanamo, the President seems to be learning that it's a lot easier to second guess and criticize from the sidelines than it is to have to make the hard decisions.

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