The Testing of the President Continues

Posted: Apr 05, 2009 12:44 PM
In the wake of the North  Korean missile launch, President Obama has no doubt terrified Kim Jung Il by declaring the act to be "provocative" and calling on him to abide by "international obligations."  That's typical of the left-Democrat response; do nothing but talk, and hope against hope that people who have shown themselves to be indifferent both to international opinion and human suffering for some reason act differently now than they have in the past.

In contrast, Newt Gingrich reflects a conservative-Republican response.  Note that the United States has the capacity to have disabled the missile; Gingrich says he would have done so.  Such action would have sent a clear message that North Korea's efforts to launch such a missile will not be tolerated.  Period.  It would have captured Kim Jung Il's attention and drawn a firm line in the sand.  Instead, Kim now has no meaningful incentive not to take the next step.

Which approach do you think makes us safer?