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Your Tax Dollars At Work

The next time a Democrat tries to convince you that big-spending liberal governments dole out your money as if it were their own, remember this:

Taxpayer largesse in California has gone to fund statues of dogs performing natural bodily functions
, albeit those usually consigned to the realm of the private.  The artist was paid $196,000 to produce these uplifting "works of art."

It's too bad that the California GOP doesn't start running some ads on how public money -- in a state that's strapped, and raising taxes willy-nilly -- is being allocated.  But let's hope that the national GOP will follow and then report to the public about how the "stimulus" money is being used -- how 'bout a series of ads called "Your Tax Dollars At Work"?

After all, it's absolutely impossible that the nearly trillion-dollar pork plan that's been rammed through by Democrats won't include many such boondoggles.  (It will be interesting to see whether the $50  million stuck into the House package for the NEA was restored in the Democrats-only conference.)  That's what happens when many people who've never had to be producers in any real sense start playing around with the public purse.


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