Are the Democrats Anti-Baby?

Posted: Jan 26, 2009 10:06 AM
First, President Obama reversed the "Mexico City" policy, meaning that US taxpayers now are funding abortions overseas.

Now, Nancy Pelosi wants to include birth control in the new "stimulus" package, because "the family planning services reduce cost" to the states(presumably, of people reproducing). 

Of course, it shows how the Democrats want to dump everything but the kitchen sink into the "stimulus" package (and in an era where contraception is cheap and available a multitude of places, it's not clear how the Pelosi Giveaway would affect birth rates, anyway).  And certainly, in my view, there is nothing morally wrong with contraception (unlike abortion).

Even so, both moves by the top Democrats in Washington seem to show a pernicious mindset in which babies (not to mention the unborn) are potentially in the way, a drain on the Treasury -- in other words, a form of "punishment."