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The Washington Times today reports on Obama global warming czar Carol Browner's leadership of a socialist group's (Socialist International's) Commission for a Sustainable World Society.

Of course, if a Republican president's nominee had such ties to a group as far right as Socialist International is far-left, the press would have collapsed in a collective frenzy and the entire country would know about it.

That being said, this is disturbing -- but hardly surprising, given Obama's history of associations with the far left.  What's more, it's just one more piece of proof that some elements in the environmentalist movement (and note: I said some, not all) are merely fronts for the some collectivist, totalitarian, statist impulses that have reared their ugly heads throughout the 20th century with such devastating results for so many.

Just as the "economic crisis" provides rationales for those who want inextricably to intertwine the government with the economy, for some -- again, just some -- the "green movement" offers the same opportunity.  Carol Browner is just one more example.

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