The Democrat Cover-Up

Posted: Oct 13, 2008 4:08 PM
No, no, no.  The headline doesn't refer to Barack's membership in the socialist New Party, or his alliances with Bill Ayres, Khalid Rashimi, or ACORN.

It pertains to the fact that a married Democrat congressman paid off his mistress, and has been "working with" senior leaders in the House of Representatives (including Rahm Emmanuel) to "keep it from hurting his reelection campaign" as the linked report from ABC puts it delicately.

So, in other words, Democrat House leaders knew of the payoff and were trying to help conceal it?

So much for Nancy Pelosi's stated intention to run the "most open, most honest and most ethical Congress in history."  Does anyone out there really think that a President Obama -- a product himself of Chicago politics -- would ride herd on this unsavory crew?